Do you have a vast knowledge on a certain area of life or business?

Do you a have passion for teaching others about your area of expertise OR would you like to learn how to become an efficient and a well-liked teacher?

Do you want to earn extra income or build a bigger income stream for yourself?


If these sound appealing to you, then WebinarStars might be a good tool for you. WebinarStars is an online platform for teachers and learners alike. Anyone can use WebinarStars to share their own educational videos and online courses, and anyone can purchase and benefit from those courses.

Our slogan is “people teaching people”. WebinarStars’ mission is to help people who want education on any field to find the best teachers on their topic of interest. Anyone can be a teacher and anyone can learn.


Being an educator

WebinarStars is a web platform that allows you to work anywhere in the world, creating video tutorials for your audience. The most important feature that you have to have is knowledge. To give the student timely and accurate information, you should be a professional in your own field - whether it is a job or a hobby, or another interest of yours. You can teach in a natural way, and create an atmosphere where learning is pleasant but at the same time effective.

As the training video length averages approximately one lesson, the information needs to be well presented in a short time, while keeping the training frame clear and easy to understand.


What can you teach?

Just about anything! Many people in the world are interested in the same things as you are. They want more information on their topic of interest, and are willing to pay to find the information quickly and to be able to learn effectively. People are willing to pay particular attention to the knowledge and skills that develop them professionally, but many also want to deepen their expertise within other fields, such as hobbies.

The most important thing is therefore the management of the subject itself. Focus on teaching the subject, that is, the manner of the training and the training materials.  


How do I earn as an educator?

First of all, WebinarStars does not have any starting costs for the educators. You can register an account for free and can start uploading your educational videos to the website immediately. 

WebinarStars works with a “revenue share” model. This means that 30% of the price which the customer is paying goes to WebinarStars and 70% is paid to the educator.  The transaction fee is 2€ per each purchased video.

The educator determines the price at which the trainings are sold.


For example:

You price your training at 30 euros.

From the 30€, WebinarStars deducts 30% = 21€.

In addition, a transaction fee of 2 € will be deducted.

= Your share of the revenue is 19 €.


The payment for the educators / sellers will be paid via Paypal each 1st  day of the month.

The educator has to register a PayPal account and enter their PayPal details to WebinarStars so that the accounts can be linked and your payments can be automated. In this way you will receive the payment promptly each month, whenever you have accumulated money on your seller account. You can find the details here:

You can find the Terms & Conditions here:

And privacy & Cookie policy here:

 Read them through carefully.


Ratings & Reviews

The learners rate the trainings with stars afterwards, so the better value the learners get for their money, the better the ratings that the training can get. The learners can also write  reviews in their own words, which will help others to choose the best webinars for their needs. So even though adding educational videos to the website does not cost anything, you should provide good value for your customer’s money. In this way your trainings will get popular and you will be able to build a desirable brand out of yourself.


 What do you need to create a training?

  • A camera. For example, a high quality phone camera can get you started.
  • Stand in front of the camera. The camera lens should be at the height of your eyes, so that talking and viewing will be more natural.
  • An external microphone. An external microphone achieves the best sound quality, as it filters out the sounds of the environment, such as echoes. A phone microphone will do if there is no echo in the room.
  • A possible slide show.
  • A space where you can save the presentation.
  • Sufficient light.
  • No distracting elements in the background.
  • A quiet space with no disturbing echo.
  • An appropriate outfit. 

Video upload

How to add your video in a nutshell:
  1. Make sure you have all the materials needed to create a great video product:
  • High-quality video
  • Video trailer (optional, max. 30 sec.)
  • Video cover image
  • Video title 
  • Video description
2. Log in to Google (we use Google's authentication in the upload process)  
3. Open this link to: WebinarStars Video Upload Form and enjoy your comissions after the video is published and watched by people.