The idea of WebinarStars

As many ideas, also the idea for WebinarStars was born from own needs.

We love studying different topics online, but in time had we discovered that a lot of the content was either poor quality, it included too much of self promoting by the teacher or the focus was more on selling the next trainings than providing real value. OR we just couldn’t find the most useful material.

We started to wonder why there is no place or forum where we can find high quality education for all subjects in life, easily and quickly? We all know that the world is full of people with the right information and experience, but often the demand and supply do not match when they should.  We face the fact that there are teachers in different platforms, but for many of them, income composation model was really unfair. And as in many cases, because we couldn’t find the perfect solution, we decided to fix it our self. And so the idea for WebinarStars was born.

We want to encourage everyone who has deeper knowledge or experience, which could help others, to provide that information to the rest of the world. We know that eLearning is a next huge thing coming out and platforms should be very easy and fun to use, and also that should be profitable for the teachers. 

Who knows, maybe also you can be true WebinarStar....


Welcome onboard!

WebinarStars founders,

Anu, Manu, Ossi and Juha