About our branding program

Apply to participate into our branding program!

We are looking for five persons who would like to become well known educators and to brand themselves with our help. This is a unique chance to kick-start your career with the support of professionals!

Would you like to be one of the five chosen participants?

Our study program is free of charge and its purpose is to create professional Webinarstars out of unknown people. During the branding year, you will develop into a magnificent educator, and will be able to keep developing into a true Webinarstar. The branding program participants will be our own Webinarstars, who will become examples to others who wish to become educators in the future.

You can teach anything, even a hobby. You can apply to the program without being a teacher or an educator – you only need to want to become one. We do wish, however, that you do not feel shy in front of the camera and, most importantly, that you are outstanding in the field that you want to teach.

The chosen Webinarstars will also act as peer support towards others, who wish to become educators. Your development will be visible in social media, so that others can get insight and tips on how to brand themselves and how to start a new career as an educator.

We have created a training program which lasts nine months and which covers all the areas you will need to consider in order to become a successful educator of your field. Several classroom teachings will be held, during which professional educators will train you to create excellent webinars.

We offer you:

  • A lot of exposure through us.
  • Several training and filming days with professionals.
  • Performance training.
  • Help with how to create great training content and training videos. These can be technical details, styling, tips on how to create a home studio, and so forth.
  • Help with marketing your training material, for example through social media and via email.
  • A possibility to create your own video blog and/or blog on the Webinarstars webpage. The blog will be about how you are developing, so that anyone can follow you on your journey.
  • A supporting network to encourage you on your way.
  • Enjoyable days with the other participants, peer support and team spirit.

Do you want to receive more information?                                                           

Fill in the form, and we will send you a detailed plan of the branding year. Requesting more information does not bind you to anything.

During the summer, we will go through the applications. The successful candidates will be invited to a video interview. The final five branding program participants will be selected the 1st of October.

Grab the chance of your life and apply now!